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Our History

For many years, Christopher Brenyo was concerned about the condition of the churches in the Orlando area. He felt there was an enormous need to plant a distinctly Reformed church that was committed to the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures, the Holiness and Sovereignty of God, practiced orderly regulative worship, that proclaimed the Gospel both here and abroad, and sought to apply the Word to all areas of life. On June 26, 2005 the first meeting was held at the Brenyo home in Winter Garden. After a few months of meeting on Sunday nights, there was an outcry to move to Sunday mornings. As services began, and the church grew in number, we began praying that God would call at least one other man serve as elder. By His grace, Dan Carmichael accepted the heavy burden to serve as elder. After reaching over 70 in attendance, the church moved to Winter Park, meeting in a banquet hall for about a year. The church outgrew the space and moved to The Geneva School Early Education campus on Grand Avenue in Winter Park.

In April of 2008, after much prayer and preparation, Kevin Lewis and Mark Scimeca were installed as elders. They bring tremendous gifts and talents to the leadership team and are eminently godly men. Kevin has a passion for biblical (nouthetic) counseling, teaching, and discipleship. Mark has a true shepherd’s heart, loves teaching and is uncommonly gifted administratively. We made the move to the Orlando Filipino Seventh-Day Adventest Church in 2010. 

We are currently entering the most exciting phase of our life as a church. We are diligently seeking a more permanent meeting location that for generations to come a biblically faithful, evangelistically zealous congregation would stem the tide of syncretism and by the power of the Holy Spirit trust Christ to preserve our message (orthodoxy) and method (orthopraxy). We recognize there may be thousands of people in the area that long to be part of a church that stands for Christ and his Gospel. If you would like to learn more about us please contact one of the elders. We have a great fellowship and look forward to ministering to you.